About Me

I'm Rachael, an award-winning freelance journalist and author.

Right now I'm travelling and writing my way around Latin America – you can read all about that here and track me on the map here. I've also started a newsletter about my travels – it's free to read right here.

My reporting bylines can be found both online and in print across all sorts of publications big and small, including: the Times, Daily Mail, the Guardian, Wired, Nature, GQ Korea, the Independent, the i, Times Higher Education, Research Fortnight, Inside Housing, Monocle, Easyjet magazine, Wanderlust, Project magazine, The Travel Mag and more (click the links to see some examples).

I have several years' experience editing and sub-editing copy for the likes of Indy Student (the Independent's student section) and New Statesman magazine, where, until recently, I worked with the production team on a casual basis.

I am also an experienced travel writer – specialisms include Mexico and Central America, Suffolk, and the Portuguese Algarve. I speak decent Spanish and am attempting to improve my Portuguese... mas os sotaques são muito difíceis!

I have also edited, produced and co-presented a feminist-leaning personal finance podcast, Cash Cows.

My most recent book, Genomics: How genome sequencing will change our lives is out now, published by Penguin Cornerstone.

My first book, Plan S for Shock: Science, Shock, Solution, Speed is available to download via open access (ie, for free!) – just click the link.

In September 2023 I was chuffed to be named Freelancer of the Year at the Medical Journalists' Association annual awards ceremony.

I've previously been shortlisted at the British Journalism Awards (2021) and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ annual Education Journalism Awards (2018). And before that, do you know what, I never realised you had to actually apply for these things yourself... so goodbye any hope of "30 under 30"!

Still want to get in touch? You can email me at rachaelpellsjourno[at]gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting!